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In 1998, Peter Hagedorn had an idea about helping children in South America learn to use computers. He had seen first hand how a young child, his adopted daughter Emma Graciella who was born in Paraguay, could adapt to computer technology with ease. He wanted to help other children get and use computers. From this idea, Nuestro Futuro Foundation came into being.


Partnering with Pro Mujer, a micro-lending foundation, NF began to put computers in the hands of children in El Alto Bolivia. Eventually expanding to almost a dozen lively learning centers, NF provided hardware and software as well as teachers and enrichment materials. These computer centers provided instruction in language, science and math as well as computer basics. Parents were delighted to see an increased love of learning and intellectual curiosity in their children. Eventually the computers were hooked to the internet. The young people, especially the teenagers, were eager to be part of the worldwide conversation that was just beginning. They were most insistent that they not be forgotten in their remote location high in the Andes Mountains. 


Nuestro Futuro's participation in this program lasted over 10 years and impacted the lives of hundreds of young people throughout Bolivia.



In 2005 Peter and Miriam relocated to the island of Maui. Wanting to be of service in their new home, they set out to find ways to put their experiences in Bolivia to use.  The local elementary school, Haiku Elementary School, seemed to be a good place to start.  The infrastructure of the school needed attention, so NF set about repairing and painting the school. Along the way, NF seeded the Haiku Elementary School Foundation to provide an ongoing organization for the future of the school. 


NF also branched out to provide assistance to Maui's dog and cat population through support to Hawaii Animal Rescue Foundation. This is a new focus for NF, providing ongoing financial assistance to those who help homeless companion animals all over Maui. 


Other projects in Hawaii include Maui School Garden Network, the Paia Youth and Cultural Center, The Book Trust, The Wisdom Center for Autism and the Haiku Ho'olaulea Festival.

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